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7 Reasons Harry Potter 7.2 Will Rock

We are 5 days away from what is undoubtedly one of the biggest cinematical events in history. It concludes the highest grossing film franchise of all time ($6.3 billion worldwide) and is one of those events that crosses the boundaries of its geek audience and becomes part of popular culture. The fans have too much emotion invested to be greeted by another Phantom Menace. But worry not, for here are AfterTheRest's reasons why Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2 won’t disappoint and might even reign supreme as the best installment.

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JL3751d ago

In all honesty, I thought 7.1 was a tad bit boring in ways. Basically because it truly was (and felt like it too) the first half of a movie. This left a feeling of being unsatisfied in the end.

For that reason, though, I think 7.2 should be pretty good since it's the second half of a movie (all the good parts).

Never been that big of a HP fan, but I'll check this out when it hits DVD some time.

outwar60103751d ago

im going to hold back watching it for a lil while due to major depression for it being the last one :(

gaden_malak3750d ago

Imagine being the actors...

krazykombatant3751d ago

Ummm because it will be the very very last movie, and I won't have to hear about harry potter every again? Is that seven reasons... Cuz i just need one XP

alycakes3750d ago

I think the actors are glad to move on...yes they're sad in a way that their time together is over but they're equally glad that all this Harry Potter stuff is over. Can you imagine all the years they've had to put up with doing the same character over and over?
You know they are tired of it whether they admit it or not.