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Shadowlocked - Torchwood S4E1 Review

Shadowlocked - A lot seems to have happened in two years.

Two years ago, we said goodbye to Captain Jack Harkness, who was hitching a ride with some aliens to get off of the planet after the events of Children of Earth. A grandson sacrificed, a daughter angry and unforgiving, and the last remnant of the great Torchwood Institute was in rubble, its members dead save for Jack and Gwen Cooper. With only a brief scene of him in a bar across the galaxy in David Tennant’s last Doctor Who story – in which The Doctor seems to give him absolution for his actions – we were left wondering where the story could possibly go from there. We endured more than a year of rumours about a new series, American networks and possible casting, but at long last Starz and BBC have finally premièred the latest instalment in the Torchwood saga: “Miracle Day”. And nothing is ever going to be the same, because as the good Captain says, “This is when everything changes”.

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alycakes3751d ago

I liked it and I hope it makes it but not so much for STARZ but so that maybe it will make it back to BBC America or PBS where it belongs.

I really missed the rest of the Torchwood cast but was happy to see Gwen old friend at the police station and her parents. That was a surprise.

I don't know where they're taking this with Jack being mortal now but he has to be so careful now and I'm wondering if maybe something he did isn't what caused all this in the first place in some other dimentional level.