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'Torchwood: Miracle Day' Entertainment Weekly Review: Importing Brit Sci-Fi And Humor, Trickily

EW Writes:
Torchwood: Miracle Day, the 10-episode series that premiered Friday night, is a sometimes witty, frequently successful attempt to introduce American settings to the hit British series. The premise is that one day, world-wide, nobody dies anymore – no matter how sick or injured. Oh, except for the immortal Jack Harkness (star John Barrowman) – he can suddenly be hurt and, perhaps, expire. The title’s “miracle” is quickly recognized as a curse: If no one dies, and the population increases, soon there’ll not be enough food for the planet, the sick will remain ill, the suffering will suffer… The Torchwood investigative team – now primarily down to Harkness and Gwen Cooper (Eve Myles) – to the rescue!

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alycakes3759d ago

I really enjoyed the premiere of Torchwood Friday night. It was exciting watching Jack and Gwen come back and sad that the other Torchwood members weren't with them anymore.

I like the idea of it being in the US but I hope it doesn't have to stay in the US all the time. I hope they have to go back and forth for their adventure now. Also I'm wondering what Jack is going to do now that everyone is not dying....he seems to be able to die for the first time in his existence....

alycakes3759d ago

Well, it got really good ratings right off the bat on the first night so I hope it continues...I don't think I can suffer going thru Jack Harkness withdrawls again.