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Space Invaders Video Game Hitting Cinemas

The Classic 1980s arcade game from Taito and Midwayis heading to the big screen courtesy of producers Lorenzo di Bonaventura and Odd Lot Entertainment’s Gigi Pritzker. The team is now looking for a writer that can create a story for this very weird movie idea. The directors are faced with the challenge of creating a movie for a game without a story. To make it worse, if they mess up, there’s gonna be some angry gamers.

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Madusha4053d ago

Kudos to them if they can pull this off without it being a complete failure.

Arcee4053d ago

Oh my stars and garters... somehow I just can't picture this really working. Well, yes I can, but I don't expect it to be anything nearly recognizable to the game other than just the title.

Madusha4053d ago

The directors will probably end up giving up on it like many other video game inspired movies in the past.

Arcee4053d ago

If they do that is a shame since they already put it out there that they are interested in this. For me, it's one of those instances where if you can't deliver on the goods in a positive manner don't say anything at all.

Soldierone4053d ago

I wonder if its going to hold the same name or if they are going to change it and make it about something else entirely, like the fighting robot movie was based around that board game. I think it would be a smart move?

I hope Galaga comes out at the same time lol, that would be epic.