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Gaming On Film: Super Mario Bros.

"Welcome to Gaming On Film, PixelJumpers new feature where we take a look at movies based on our favorite past time, video games. This week we go back to the movie that started it all: The infamous Super Mario Bros." Jake Weston, Associate Editor

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Arcee3760d ago

Yeah, no. I just can't get into this movie no matter how I look at it. I do believe that there is a way to make a Mario movie without having it be animated, but it would certainly be a film that plays to young kids and teens. Not that many gamers would mind, I know I wouldn't. But I just can't approve of this movie at all. Well, except for the cute Bob-ombs.

How about focusing on 1989's The Wizard, which predates this movie by about four years, next time. That would be cool and I would like to read your take on it.