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'Transformers 4' Not A Reboot; Kicks Off Second Trilogy

Screen Rant Writes:
Producer Don Murphy explains that ‘Transformers 4′ will kick-off a second trilogy of films, continuing the current series and will still include a human cast.

Hoping to see the next Transformers film offer a new take on the live-action version of everybody’s favorite Hasbro toys? That’s not going to happen. Even if director Michael Bay and star Shia LaBeouf are done with the series, Transformers 4 is coming and it’s going to continue down its current path of success.

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Arcee3753d ago

I could see a second trilogy working for this series. And I agree with Murphy's statement that a reboot isn't needed. The series is decent as it is. Though I would like to see more action and less stupid humans doing not so funny things with bad lines.

Quagmire3753d ago (Edited 3753d ago )

In the perfect world, A Transformers film would just be about Transformers, and not humans. As much as we all despise MBay, he should definitely continue directing it, as despite the lack of good story/acting ability/script/character and plot development, he sure as hell knows how to make epic as fuck action sequences.

Just for the love of god hire better script writers. Also, keep the characters on each side to a minimum, therefore allowing better character and story development, which is why the First TF film is the best. Im not seeking an intricate and deep nolanesque story, keep it basic like the first film, however it wouldnt hurt to have a pretty interesting story either.

Also, for the love of god, have the characters ACKNOWLEGDE character deaths. Its as if when one autobot dies, no else gives a fuck. Jazz's death was sad in the first film, yet Optimus didnt say squat about him.

And I would love for the next Trilogy to be an arc of Unicron, and also incorporate Galvatron as the new antagonist. Somebody said that without Sam (shia) we lose the brilliant bot/human relationship between them (which was a real highlight of the first and third films), however setting the film in the future with sam and carly's son, Daniel, would be a great way to continue with a new protagonist.

theonlylolking3752d ago

TF3 is the best of the three. I agree that no one seems to care when someone dies.

Cerberus293752d ago

Yeah, I thought the the third one was really good, but if they continue with another trilogy I want to see more character development between the autobots themselves. That would help people care more when one of them dies. When a certain long time autobot (don't wanna spoil anything) dies in this last one NOBODY even mentioned it afterward.

Soldierone3753d ago

I'm interested to see where they go with it. No doubt these movies will still make crap tons of money, but how will it all work.

Im SUPER happy its not a reboot with an origin sick of those. However are they just going to say so long to the characters and the autobots randomly find someone new to follow or what?

Or will it be like Pirates where one character stays and a character here and there is also tagging along?

I think they could use another kid, keep him in high school/college and keep him acting goofy for the entire series. Hopefully Rosie doesn't return...didn't like her character at all, and Im somewhat tired of these over used British accents in movies. No offense to British people, but even they know these accents are a bit exaggerated lol....

alycakes3753d ago

Either way I would enjoy seeing more transformer movies but only if they have good writers so the story isn't lost in all the action.

KonohagakureFC3753d ago

They should make the next trilogy based on the armada/energon/cybertron trilogy that they had in the cartoons, Unicron would be so awesome on the big screen

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The story is too old to be commented.