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The Jack and Jill Trailer is Here

Coming soon says:

The trailer for this fall's Jack and Jill has debuted at Yahoo! Movies and you can check it out in the player below.

Starring Adam Sandler as both Jack and his twin sister Jill, the film also stars Katie Holmes and Al Pacino (as himself!) and hits theaters on November 11th.

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Crazay3763d ago

Not bad - looks like it could have some funny parts in it.

Arcee3763d ago

I might catch this one on DVD. Personally, I am kind of tired of Adam Sandler.

Castor3763d ago

This is wretched. Absolutely wretched.

alycakes3762d ago

I don't like Adam Sandler at all so probably will pass on this one all together.

Arcee3762d ago

Even for actors and actresses that I don't like I still try and watch everything I can just to see how bad things are. It may be a bit self-punishing but it's just what I do.

alycakes3762d ago

I have seen some of his stuff and I've enjoyed a couple of things but he and Ben Stiller aren't as funny to me as some people seem to think they are. Usually if I do see one of their movies it's because of the other actors that are in the movie.

Arcee3762d ago

I feel the same way about Sander and Stiller as well. More so with Stiller. I used to get the appeal, but their likability has long faded away for me.

drdistracto7073762d ago

Adam Sandler makes a LOT of bad movies, and if you've seen Funny People, you'll know he knows it.

but then again, every now and then he puts out a gem like Punch-Drunk Love, and to a lesser extent, Reign Over Me

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