IGN: Hobo With A Shotgun Bluray Review

IGN: Given its grindhouse aesthetic, Hobo with a Shotgun isn't the kind of film you expect great thing on a state-of-the-art format like Blu-ray. And technically, the disc pretty much lives up to those low expectations. But since you're more likely to see this film on DVD and Blu-ray than the theater (we even included it in our The 25 Best Movies You Didn't See in Theaters a while back), you might as well see it on the best format available, right?

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alycakes4103d ago

I guess I need to go get this or rent it...I want to see it really bad but I don't know if I want to own it.

DarkBlood4102d ago

i bought it for 21 dollars tax on blu-ray, my guess its cheaper on dvd if u dont care for the blu-ray so it might seem like better buying it but i dont know lol

alycakes4101d ago

Was it good? That's what I want to know....the story line is something I would like and I like Rutger but was the movie actually worth the money?

DarkBlood4100d ago (Edited 4100d ago )

yeah its pretty good its going to depend on the person

i'm not a movie critic cuz i dont generally have any hate towards any movie i see

but you get funny parts and some gross parts as in i shiver in the thought of whatever happen to said character would happen to me if that makes any sense, then there are some emotional parts in it

so yeah its good and i would say its worth it but thats going to depend on you. i go in neutral when it comes to this kind of thing

to top it off id rather watch this then the "saw" movies lol