Zookeeper Review at Skewed and Reviewed

Despite painfully bad trailers, Barnetty at Skewed and Reviewed liked the new Kevin James offering despite some flaws.

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alycakes3763d ago

I don't like Kevin James but just like all his other movies...I have just grin and bear it because I do love my husband and he likes to go see his movies.

I do however love those animals so I'll probably get a big kick out of them.

Garethvk3763d ago

My wife and I would not go so we had a staffer from the Seattle office go. I like James but its an odd thing he has made a bad movie huge with Paul Blart. He is selling the films to success simply on his personality.

Cerberus293762d ago

Kevin James' stand-up routine is actually pretty funny, but his movies are just so painful to watch.

Garethvk3762d ago

He was on the radio the other day talking The Mets with FOX sports. I liked how he talked about how well his first standup went and he thought it would be easy. Then he did the same routine a couple nights later and it bombed. He said he could hear the ice melting and the blenders in the kitchen.