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Will Michael Bay Return For Transformers 4?

Screen Rant writes, "Transformers: Dark of the Moon released last week to astonishing box office results, but again and as per franchise tradition, also to a lot of negative critical reception. We at Screen Rant however, known for being vocal about our issues of the first Transformers and distaste of its sequel Revenge of the Fallen, had a blast with Transformers 3 and are eager for more.

Who else is eager for more? Not Shia LaBeouf and Michael Bay, who’ve openly stated that the trilogy-closing Dark of the Moon would be the last film in the series for both of them. But money talks, and there’s a lot of money saying a lot of things right about now. So, what will it take for Michael Bay to return for Transformers 4?"

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Arcee3754d ago

Personally, I would like to see Bay return to the series. For better or worse, when you really break this franchise down, it is all about the visuals and action. And I personally thought that Bay was the right choice for that particular combination.

Would I have like to have seen a better story out of all three films? Of course. But it was a great homage to the cartoon series and I am pretty much fine with that.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33753d ago

Not that he could do any worse than 'The Island', but I'd like to see him move onto something different already and I hope to god it isn't Bad Boys 3. When you start becoming a parody of yourself it's time to do something fresh.

xVeZx3753d ago

drop the writers....the action in tf3 was sick but the dialogue was just terrible...i wish they would have went with a more serious route with the worked for batman

Hayabusa 1173753d ago

I don't know if it's just me but I think the humour works really well in Transformers. I don't think I want to see it "dark" and to be fair the concept doesn't really lend itself to being dark and gritty and realistic: face it, it's giant robots with cheesy voices that turn into trucks. You can only sell a concept like that be being slightly tongue in cheek. Same way you can only sell a concept like Batman by being in either really comical or arguing that he's practically a psychopath. And I don't think that would fit Transformers.

GMWPS33753d ago

I just saw Transformers 3 last night and I must say it was rather good. The setup story was decent enough with it weaving with historical events especially the landing on the moon and the whole urgency of it in the 50s/60s.

In short, the story was better, the action was better and in my book much better than Transformers 2 and possibly even Transformers 1. I hope they do make a Transformers 4 and Bad Boys 3 as the Will Smith & Martin Lawrence combo was quite good/hilarious!

NaViTo3753d ago

Watch this and cry:

It's hilarious. Pay to watch the same FX's time after time... LOL

xVeZx3752d ago

thats pretty funny but its only 2 scenes...

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