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Harry Potter Has Already Sold Out 2,000 Screenings

CinemaBlend says:

To say that fans are excited for the final Harry Potter movie would be a massive understatement. All of the previous films have been pure box office gold, all of the films making at least $750 million at the global box office. The franchise is the definition of phenomenon and millions of people would probably risk the dangers of time travel just to stop waiting for opening day. But just how much are Potter fans anticipating the ultimate installment? Well, the pre-sale numbers don't lie.

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Crazay3764d ago

Those are some seriously INSANE numbers. I stil need to catch about 3 movies.

kellykarnetsky3764d ago

I had to catch up also, just did it this last weekend.

Arcee3764d ago

I have seen all the movies already, but my friends and I are having a Potter Marathon this weekend to refresh what we have seen in the first 7 films.

alycakes3764d ago

I just watched part 1 a couple of weeks ago so it would be fresh in my mind when I go see this next week....I'm glad I waited to see it. I would have forgotten by now almost everything....It was so good too.

Johnny Jiron3764d ago

I didn't start getting into the series til the latter movies. Went back and watched the collection in order to understand what was going on. Tho I watched the first 3 with Rifftrax, but got the just of it.
Cant wait to see this final installment. Part 1 was pretty damn good.

ASSASSYN 36o3763d ago

I just went to get my tickets after seeing this.