Top 5 Comic Events That Will Never See The Big Screen (But We Want Them To)

TMP: "As a comic book fan you always fear when a comic book gets a newly announced movie. Will they adapt it correctly? Will the characters be the same? Will the story even seem logical in the characters universe? Newer movies have started to get it a little bit closer to home, but they still fail on some accounts. There are many reasons why this almost always happens, but money, franchise issues, and complexity usually play a role. Comics are known for having a very complex universe, but in return this creates some of the best stories in the world. Hollywood can’t handle that, and that’s why I have come up with 5 comic book events that will never see the light of day on film."

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Arcee3763d ago

Not a bad list, but I would certainly leave out a couple. I wasn't a big fan of 52 or Marvel vs. DC. And while I would love to see the JSA and Titans on the big screen, they aren't as well known to make that happen. If I had put together this list, I would probably have it go like this.

1. Infinite Crisis (Totally agree with you there.)
2. Marvel Zombies (Love this series.)
3. The Death of Superman/Reign of the Supermen (Complex, but could work if done right.)
4. Marvel Civil War (Heroes vs. Heroes, 'nuff said.)
5. Artifacts (From Top Cow/Image, awesome story with severely underrated characters and ideas.)

darklordzor3763d ago

Civil War is a good one that could have gone on this list. I think that would actually work pretty well on the big screen if they can get the rights back to all of the other properties.

Garethvk3763d ago

The biggest issue is that studios are leary of any comic film that does not have Batman, Superman, or Spider-Man in it. Mainly because they cost alot of money to make and the perception is that the fan boys talk a big game and are very fast to complain about a movie but will not open their wallets to support it. Green Lantern aside (Which I thought was entertaining and not deserving the venom it got) X-Men is the lowest grossing in the series to date and I am not sure Captain American will do well overseas and the W.W.II and Superhero theme plus the very lame converted 3D may put alot of people off.

Thor was a hit but not as large as they had hoped for.

darklordzor3763d ago

Overall I think Marvel is doing well though. All of their movies have easily made their money back along with plenty of profits. While they aren't juggernauts, they are definitely successful.

Iron Man has done well, and Thor was far better than I'd hoped for. I think comic book movies are really pushing forward and while Batman remains a strong standard, by no means is it necessary any more for success.

darklordzor3763d ago

Marvel Zombies would be freaking epic, but I can tell it wouldn't work on the big screen. It just isn't suited for that...BUT it would fit perfectly for those short films Marvel is now making! That'd be a great format, as then it wouldn't have to fit into the "canon" of anything and could just be fun excursions.

the_bebop3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

Even tough alot of these might not work as a movie but would work as a live action or an animated series or animated movie, although some of these stories are already being done or have been done such as Justice Society of America/Teen Titans is basicly the series Young Justice, and Infinite Crisis/ Crisis on Infinite Earths is basicly the movie Justice league Crisis on two Earths.

Arcee3762d ago

Actually Crisis on Two Earths mirrors the JLA's meeting/fight with the Crime Syndicate of America. It happened back in 1964 in the pages of JLA and they continued to be a force up until Crisis on Infinite Earths which simplified all of the DCU multiverse. The animated film itself is more of a take on the 2000 graphic novel JLA: Earth 2.

Crisis on Infinite Earths is a much more complex and longer storyline than that in the Crisis on Two Earths animated feature.