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Lucasfilm Announces Date and Title for the Lego Star Wars TV Special

From TMP:

Quite a few interesting tidbits came out during the Licensing Expo just a few weeks ago. One of them happened to be the announcement of a Lego Star Wars TV Special presumably based off of the successful games. Since then though, there hasn't been any real information on the project...until now.

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Arcee3754d ago

I know this may bomb like crazy, but I certainly want to see this one. I love the games so this is a treat for me.

darklordzor3754d ago

I don't know, I think it'll do just fine. Remember that one Lego short film (like 5 minutes) they made a big deal of showing on Cartoon Network several years back? That was a massive success, and I'm sure this will be as well.

I mean, it's Star Wars AND Lego, people are going to be watching this all over.

Soldierone3754d ago

Ill be telling my little brother when he wakes up. I'm sure he will be super excited!

Arcee3754d ago

So will my kids. This is the gaming series that my daughter and oldest son are learning to play on.

darklordzor3754d ago

Yep my son is going to enjoy watching it. He's only 2 but he already enjoys watching the Clone Wars cartoon so I'm sure he'll get a kick out of this.