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Rumor: More Info On Bane's Origins In The Dark Knight Rises Revealed?

ComicBookMovie Writes:
Someone on the Nolan Fans forums posted a very interesting description of a possible scene for The Dark Knight Rises, further describing Bane's possible origins and role in the film.

Over at the Nolan Fans forums, the creator of the thread below posted a possible scene description a while back of one of the scenes films in India in May for The Dark Knight Rises. While we've heard things about Bane jumping out of the Lazarus Pit, surviving a burning village, etc. in the past, the following goes into much more details. So although this is still classifiable as a rumor until further notice, a strong spoiler warning is being placed, so turn away if you wanna know nothing about the film already.

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darklordzor3754d ago

I saw this...This wasn't actually a rumor, it was something that a person used to explain to another where the term "The Fire Rises" comes into play in the movie. They didn't say anything about it other than that...Sorry I don't really take fan explanations within forums as news.

alycakes3753d ago

This also comes from one of the versions of the comics...thats why maybe someone may think or may have read that it's going to be far it's just a rumor. Although some people seem to know more than others.

darklordzor3753d ago

OH I agree with you...I just didn't think it was actually news. It was just one fan explaining something to another...even though they aren't positive that's what is actually going to happen. It's not like the person who posted it in the forums said that it was news.

Peaceful_Jelly3753d ago

when they say "the league" do they mean the "league of shadows"?

LtSkittles3753d ago

Possibly, which makes sense if Ras is in it.

bjh0893753d ago

isnt bane's character supposed to be from south america?

violent80sarcade823753d ago

His last movie consist of Bane,Ra's Al Ghul and Catwomen!?? what a terrible selection of batman villians to end the trilogy with. >=[ i hope who does the next batman films is from the states.

JL3753d ago

It's a great line up if he goes the "Bane breaks Batman's back" route. Hell, either way, it's Nolan so I'm sure it will be great.

And what does being from the states have to do with anything? Nolan is an awesome director, whether from the states or from Mozambique.

P.S. Nolan is a dual citizen of both the UK and the US, growing up in both countries. So, technically he is from the least partly.

alycakes3752d ago

Agreed...anyway...what does it matter? There are plenty of villians and more movies to come so this is what we are getting in this particular movie. I myself like the idea of Bane. Catwoman...not so much but every Batman movie has her at one time or another.

By the way, I have a family member that has duel citizenship from the UK and about that? She was born in London before they had to move back home to the

violent80sarcade823752d ago (Edited 3752d ago )

Nolan may be a awesome director in your opinion,and if he grew up in the States reading Batman since a child it would have been a better movie in my opinion i wasn't speaking for the entire world kiddo and i didn't particularly really like the way he did the last 2 movies and in Batman/Knightfall series he went thru his entire rogues gallery of villians getting no breaks tryin to return everyone back to arkham and blackgate before he got his back broke by Bane and was out of comission for a year,it's not only Scarecrow,Ra's,Joker & 2face you can't just skip all those other villians Nolan just selected weak ass Bane because he requires no type of effort really to create.