'Batman: Year One' Trailer Is Here

MTV says:

"The Dark Knight Rises" doesn't hit theaters until December 2012, but you'll have another opportunity to visit Gotham City much sooner than that thanks to "Batman: Year One," the next installment in the DC Universe Animated Original Movies series — and we've got an extensive first look at the film for you today.

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Crazay3764d ago

This looks REALLY GOOD! I just love the way DC has been making the edgier animated films for their properties.

Yi-Long3764d ago

... it looks alot better than that new All-Star Superman cartoon that recently came out, although it doesn't really look as smooth and good as some of better anime.

It's a shame the USA still can't really compete with Japan's animation-studios.

Year One is an amazing book though. Brilliant way to get yourself into the whole Batman story.

Arcee3763d ago

It's all based on your personal taste. I love anime. I have been a fan of anime since the early 1980s. But that is not to say that I don't like American animation and cartoons. Personally, I prefer some western cartoons to anime. As I prefer some anime to westerns.

While series like Ore no Imoto, Gosick and Star Driver (just for some recent examples) are beautifully rendered and animated, I would have to say that Young Justice, The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes and Phineas and Ferb are all equally as impressive. But again, that is just based on my personal taste.

Yi-Long3763d ago

... I wasn't talking about that OTT 'anime-style' that you see in the series, cause obviously that would look HORRIBLE for a Batman show or something like that.

But a style that's closer to Akira, which was very 'comic-like' in it's character-design yet sill also very japanese, could definitely work.

But, that said, I wasn't even really talking about it from a visual-DESIGN point of view, but more about the quality of coloring and animation in it self.

In japanese anime there's often just way more attention for great coloring and emotions in the characters through animation, etc. Just look at the amazing backgrounds and lighting in some of Shinkai's work ( )

Compared to the usually VERY bland backgrounds in western animation, not to mention the extremely basic coloring and lighting, I'd say there's lots of room for improvement... :)

But obviously, I don't mean Batman should look like he just walked of the set of a Dragon Ball movie or something. Far from it.

Arcee3763d ago

I get what you are saying, and yes, I agree that anime is very detailed and expressive. That is why I like anime because it is a living picture in motion. Facial expressions, backgrounds, even minuscule details in clothing and surrounding buildings are remarkable to behold. (And yes, Makato Shinkai's work is exceptionally phenomenal. Voices of a Distant Star is still one of my favorite pieces of animation ever.)

But the simplicity of western animation is a big draw to a lot of people. Myself included. While I appreciate the level of detail in Akira, Ghost in the Machine and Appleseed, the simple and easy designs of western animation say a lot for that medium as well. That they can get so much story and emotion from a simplified form of cartoon art speaks volumes to how good the animation is. Even when compared to anime.

As for Batman in anime form, the Madhouse segment in Batman: Gotham Knight is one of my favorite renditions of Batman in animation. If Batman was done in this style, or any other comic book form for that matter (as are the current Marvel anime series), they could definitely work.

darklordzor3764d ago

I love the DC direct to dvd movies. They have all been incredible adaptations and I can't wait for more. I too love the edgier style they've been using on them, and really hope that The Dark Knight Returns from Frank Miller is next on their list!

Crazay3764d ago

No question whatsoever. I've enjoyed each one immensely.

Yi-Long3764d ago

... although The Long Halloween would be a more logical follow-up to Year One.

Yi-Long3763d ago terms of plot and cameos and such, but I wonder how they'd fit all that content into a 90 minute movie, without it feeling rushed!?

alycakes3763d ago

I have 'Batman, Under The Red Hood'. Is this one anything like that?

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Soldierone3764d ago

That looks awesome! Ill be checking it out. Looks way better than the anime series of movies they released....

I respect Anime, but I prefer traditional american cartoon style anyday of the week. I hate how DC keeps pushing batman towards Anime, just make it a cartoon like everything else. This one doesn't look that bad though, so it wont annoy me as much.

gaden_malak3764d ago

Gosh I love that DC logo they put at the start of their films.

Lord_Sloth3763d ago

Thank goodness it's not another visual comic!

Arcee3762d ago

Amen to that. I have to admit that I am not a huge fan of the visual comic. It was a nice novelty idea for a while, but it has grown old and stale in my opinion.