Page and Screen - Are Our Favorite Characters More Alive in Books or Movies?

Flickering Myth:
The idea of character is more complicated than we allow ourselves to realise. Of course put simply they are made up, fictional people in stories. But there are those who wish to challenge such a casual assumption. Some say they are merely bundles of words. Others question their independence, as we can never really know anything certainly about anyone besides ourselves. Therefore are characters simply versions of their creators? Are authors, screenwriters and actors getting it completely wrong when they try to imagine what it’s like to be someone who isn’t them? Should all characters be developed to a certain point? Some crop up as mere extras in a scene of a movie or a chapter of a novel but nevertheless leave an impression on us. Do they count as true characters even when we know next to nothing about them? Do we need to know anything about a character? Can we know a character at all?

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alycakes4059d ago

I think it depends on us. When I'm reading my characters are there just as alive as they could ever be. I can see them and everything around them so clear. I see their faces, the action, all that ever happens comes into my head as it happens so it's about as real as it gets.

The movies are nice because they put the faces on the characters for us but that's about it. Of course I don't have to think as much either.