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LRA Extra - Game of Thrones Season 1

LRA writes: Welcome to the bonus or EXTRA episode of The LRA Show where we talk shop about the entire first season of the new HBO series Game of Thrones. We cover everything from the very first episode to the season finale with some insights on our favorite moments and/or characters from the series in general. While both Brian and myself are both huge fans of the show we do unfortunately stumble from time to time and hope you can forgive our few moments of backtracking and how badly we butcher some of the character's names (watch for the Jedi Knight reference). And this should go without saying but just in case I would like to mention that this episode contains heavy spoilers for the entire season of Game of Thrones and if you are behind on the show or have not even begun to watch it yet we highly suggest that you stay away until you are either further into the series (we break everything down by episodes and discuss them in the order that they aired) or have finished it. Either way we hope you enjoy what we have to say. Featured music for this episode is from the Game of Thrones soundtrack.

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