Comic-Con 2011: 'Captain America' on Mission to San Diego

Captain America will be at Comic-Con.

There’s been much made of the fact that Marvel Studios is not taking any movie down to the annual gathering of geeks and pop culture, although Marvel superheroes will get their due via a Columbia Pictures panel for The Amazing Spider-Man.

Rumors also suggest that Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance will be there, too.

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alycakes3764d ago

I wish I was making an appearance at Comic Con. That's what would make me happy.

Soldierone3764d ago

Me too :/ Sadly E3 took my appearance from Comic Con away. I can't afford to make two trips in one summer lol...

alycakes3764d ago

Yeah we went the last two years but sad to say I can't go this year but hope to go next year again.