Scotland's Pixar Tale Hits the Right Note

It already boasts a stellar line-up of Scottish acting talent and is tipped to follow the success of Braveheart in drawing in film tourist pounds.

Now Brave, the forthcoming 3D animated adventure story set in ancient Scotland and made by the team behind hits such as Toy Story and The Incredibles, has lured one of the country's leading film composers to craft its soundtrack.

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alycakes3764d ago

I love anything Scottish...I don't know why but I already love this movie. I'm very excited and ready for it to come out.

Soldierone3764d ago

Ive actually never really paid attention to anything Scottish. I love old Italian stuff, Greek, and mythical stuff so this interested me either way.

alycakes3763d ago

I think it's from the Highlander days and the music has always moved me. Also I went to Scotland and into the Highlands back in 1994 and it's so's really a sight to see.

Soldierone3763d ago

I really wish I am able to visit at least one other country in my life. Hopefully that country isn't Canada or mexico, but something on another continent.

Do you see a lot of inspiration in the environment of the movie?

alycakes3763d ago

Yes....the cinematography is one of the things I love about the movies. I get so mesmerized sometimes when I'm watching certain movies.

Did you ever see Man From Snowy River? That one was one of them. The scenery and the horses....especially the scene when they were being brought down that steep mountain. Another was Eight Below with Paul Walker and the dogs. I've been to Alaska too. I have a girlfriend that lives in Anchorage and it's just about the most beautiful place sometimes.

My advise to some of your money and travel just to one place every other year...make it count each everything you can do in the amount of time you have...see all you can and meet as many new people that you will never regret it. I still have two friends from two different cities in Germany that have come to visit me since we went to Germany in 2000. We communicate all the time thru email, letters, Xmas presents etc.

Arcee3763d ago

What can I say: it's Pixar, it's animated, and my kids would love to see it. I'm sold.