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Seth Gordon’s Horrible Bosses is another one of those comedies that came out of nowhere and ended up being quite surprising thanks to the recent tradition of misleading trailers. The trailer for the film had made it look like it would be alright at best, not really showing much in the way of comedy. It turns out though that this was a good thing.

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Soldierone3764d ago

Does anyone else want to see this simply because they are a fan of Its Always Sunny? haha, thats actually the only reason I want to see it.

Im kinda pushed away though because the last two or three comedies ive seen had all the funny in the commericals. Why can't anything be like Fun with dick and jane...

alycakes3764d ago

I want to see it because I've actually had a boss that was like one of these bosses. I'm not even going to say which one but boy some of us used to joke about knowing someone named 'Guido' that would do the deed for 50 bucks....I'm not lying...he was that bad!

I only wish me and my old co-workers could see it together...we would have a blast!