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10 Things You Must Watch on HBO Go

WVG writes: When I first downloaded the new HBO Go app I was a little disappointed that one of my favorite shows ever "Autopsy" wasn't available, but I started digging around and realized it has virtually everything else HBO has ever done. If you are new to HBO or if there are things you need to watch on your Ipad or phone then thank us later.

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Soldierone4623d ago

I just got HBO Go and its pretty awesome. I hate how it can't play video through 3G though. Also the flash player they use for computer playback is stupid, it constantly keeps checking the connection and always lags. I never have issues with Netflix streaming...

However its still watchable and brought me to a whole new assortment of shows. Cant wait to start watching the war series they have, forget the names at the moment.

watchvideogames4623d ago

I don't know what provider you are using, but mine streams beautifully on 3G just like netflix.

Soldierone4622d ago

Verizon. It says "since you are streaming off 3G we can only supply the audio" but Netflix and so on can do both audio and video without an issue.

As for the computer I have a super fast connection and have no issues with streaming audio. I don't know if its because it think its needs to downgrade for wifi or what, but it shouldnt. I even hooked up the ethernet and it still had massive issues.

OSIRUSSS4623d ago

I can't watch anything on HBOGo because I own a XOOM. So I must pirate.

alycakes4623d ago

Well, I don't get HBO and I could if I wanted to I guess but I did just get STARZ because my nitch is to watch TORCHWOOD and it starts tomorrow on the 8th. I just can't miss Captain Jack Harkness. Sorry guys but he's better than almost anyone out there right now.

Soldierone4622d ago

Doesn't Starz generally get better movies too? There isn't a whole lot of good movies on HBO Go. I mean some good older movies, but nothing really new.

alycakes4622d ago

Yes...they get a lot of good movies. I'm going to be recording some of them while I get a chance but mostly for Torchwood.

ali711arab4623d ago

Good stuff, but Boardwalk Empire needs to be on there.


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