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Scream 4 Carves Out An October Blu-Ray/DVD Release

Cinema Blend says

t has been over a decade since Scream 3 came out. That's a decade of new horror clichés and conventions to spoof. There was a new crop of fresh-faced hotties for Ghost Face to eviscerate. And, most importantly, it was just about long enough for everybody to forget how crappy Scream 3 was. Cue Scream 4!

Fortunately, all those years away from the franchise seemed to be good for director Wes Craven and writer Kevin Williamson, because by many accounts Scream 4 was a fun and clever revival of the moldering franchise. I personally would have liked a sequel where Ghost Face reappears and is then butchered by a new Saw-style murderer, but that might be too on the nose. Or, er, nose hole.

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Crazay4054d ago

This is awesome. I hope they include any alternate endings they may have shot.

Soldierone4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

spoiler maybe i dunno
Pretty sure ALL the alternate endings were apart of the original ending....lmao. Dead, nope,dead, nope, dead, nope, dead? I guess...haha

Soldierone4054d ago

I am personally more excited to see Scream make a comeback for Halloween all together. I miss the good ole Scream masks and what not wondering around my neighborhood.

The movie was awesome, so I will be picking it up too.

alycakes4053d ago

Well....I'll see it now if it's on dvd. I've never paid to see a Scream movie. I like them once I see them but I don't like them that much to where I would pay to see it at the theater.

DarkBlood4053d ago

niiice i could of gotten the blu-rays 1-3 for around 10 or 13 dollars each but i said i'll wait till the fourth one comes out first then get them all together