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Legendary Pictures Announces Panel Featuring Pacific Rim, Mass Effect and Seventh Son

Collider says:

Lest you were worried that there was going to be a serious lack of major films at this year’s Comic-Con, Legendary Pictures has just announced its first-ever panel. The studio will be bringing out the big guns, as the films set to be featured are as follows: Guillermo del Toro’s next directorial project Pacific Rim, Alex Proyas’ adaptation of Paradise Lost starring Bradley Cooper, Seventh Son starring Jeff Bridges, and the feature film adaptation of Mass Effect.

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Crazay4617d ago

Does anyone remember if the Mass Effect Movie is supposed to be animated? For some reason I recall it was going to be an animated movie.

Soldierone4617d ago

I am not entirely sure if its the same project, but last I checked it was an anime style feature film. Thats why I wasn't too interested in it. I want to see something live action.

darklordzor4617d ago

I'm pretty sure the Anime thing is a different project altogether that's set to be a direct-to-DVD release. They've also been talking/working on a live action one for the big screen. That's more than likely what they're talking about here, since I don't think Legendary has an animation department.

Crazay4617d ago

That's what I thought too.

alycakes4617d ago

I didn't think it was animated. I thought it was one of those that has some of those features that look animated sometimes but I'm not sure.


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