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Taylor Lautner Stars in Funny or Die's 'Field of Dreams 2: NFL Lockout' (Video)

THR Writes:
Dennis Haysbert and Ray Liotta join the “Twilight” actor for the website’s biggest online production ever.
With the NFL still in lockout mode, Taylor Lautner has taken it upon himself to spring into action – Field of Dreams style.

The Abduction actor stars in Funny or Die’s largest online production to date, titled Field of Dreams 2: NFL Lockout. The three minute “trailer” sees an overall clad Lautner building a football field in his very own backyard, with a bevy of football players answering it’s illustrious call.

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alycakes4621d ago

This is pretty funny....I did enyoy watching it and I don't even like to watch football but all that's been going on about the lockout that's been on the news kinda seemed to fit and it made me laugh.


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