Paramount Pictures Form 'Paramount Animation'

Screen Demon writes: Paramount Pictures have today revealed that they plan to open a new, in-house animation department to coincide with the rest of the company. The first Paramount Pictures produced animation is expected to arrive in 2014.

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Soldierone3566d ago

Thats awesome. Animation is starting to get bigger and should become more respected with several studios now in the mix. Hopefully they can compete with the likes of Dreamworks and Pixar.

JL3565d ago

Let's just hope they don't end up going down the same route that DreamWorks eventually took: trying to emulate and just become another Pixar. Not that DreamWorks doesn't have some good movies, just it is kinda obvious that they've turned into a "Pixar poser" of sorts.

alycakes3565d ago

I agree. I do like some of the animation that's coming out these days but sometimes they do go too far. I did like Rango a lot and some people said they didn't enjoy it. I didn't understand but to each their own I guess.

Omar1st3565d ago

I thought the animation for Rango was brilliant!