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The Avengers Will Make It Or Break It For All SuperHeroes

TMP: "We all know an Avengers movie is coming out rather soon, next year actually. With that in mind plenty of Marvel fans are excited. Hell even I’m excited and I’m about as DC fanboy as it gets! However there are certain circumstances that are making me second guess the idea of pushing towards a grand finale before the show is even done. The Avengers are used entirely different as a comic book seres. They are the symbol of great new heroes and the first step used to lead into any major Marvel Comics event. However the film is simply coming out due to fan receptions and not because business calls for it, so lets look at the possibilities of its success. Or perhaps its possible failure."

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alycakes4676d ago

I think all the Marvel character have stood well on their own. The Avengers will also do well when it comes out. DC has always only promoted Batman and Superman when it comes to making movies. Those two have been their prime characters so I don't know if making a movie of The Justice League would do as well but it would be interesting to see the outcome of it all.

I myself have followed Smallville and love the Justice League that they showed as the years went on. I think it would be a good idea to do movies of the league. Afterall....this is the time of the Superhero. Economic times are still tough, there is so much war and destruction going on around the world....not to mention natural destruction from mother nature. I think that's why we like going to see these type of movies. They make us feel good when the hero wins out in the end.

Soldierone4676d ago

Thats true, but the thing I am seeing is everyone and their grandmas want to profit off superheroes right now. Like anything else that is making them die fast, and people will quickly move to something else.

You have video games sitting there knocking on the door waiting to come in. Its only a matter of time.

However DC Could pull an easy move. Live off the hype and greatness Avengers brings and release a Justice League movie. People will be pumped because Avengers just kicked ass and now we get a better one. Use this movie as a standing ground to release all the heroes own movies. Since DC is having trouble getting anyone other than Superman and Batman off the ground.

alycakes4676d ago

Well you do have a point there. It does make sense and they could do that I have no doubt.

DarkBlood4675d ago

it be cool if they use the theme music from the animated justice league show at the begining of the movie or something lol


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