'Man of Steel' Countdown - Possible Plot Synopsis and 'Superman: Birthright' Connections says:

The following should be considered RUMOR only. It’s from a scan of a page in Production Weekly, which is an entertainment industry publication, with information about the plot and production schedule for Superman: The Man of Steel (aka “Autumn Frost"). The subtitle most likely refers to the production title for the film, which often happens with highly anticipated film franchises to safeguard materials from theft.

The snippet reads:

Clark Kent is a freelance reporter in his early 20’s, traveling all around the world covering various news stories. However, Kent is forced to fly back into action to attain a fleeing assassin instead of covering an ethnic conflict between the Ghuri and Turaaba clans in West Africa. Upon his return to form, Kent returns to Smallville to learn more about his origins and become the hero he was born to be.

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Crazay4059d ago

This is a fairly long read but it's well thought out and to me sounds like a great concept and way to get the series started off on the right foot.