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"Man of Steel" Set Constructions in Plano, Illinois

Superman Homepage says:

Superman Homepage member calling himself MR.XIII headed back to Plano, Illinois this week to grab more photos of the location sets being constructed for "Man of Steel".

Meanwhile, the Yorkville Patch reports that film permits for filming in the area were recently issued...

Yorkville Mayor Gary Golinski confirmed the application request but said he was unsure if the production would ultimately film in Yorkville, perhaps in Chapel on the Green.
Meanwhile, the public is welcome to walk along Main Street in Plano as crews build sets near the city's depot, although Mayor Bob Hausler asked that visitors avoid parking in front of businesses unless they are patronizing those businesses.

"It actually changes every day," Hausler said. "They're doing a fast job of constructing their buildings for their sets."

Thanks to MR.XIII for the photos.

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Crazay3573d ago

Looks like the big guy in Blue and Red gets into a bit of a scrap in Smallville. SWEET!

alycakes3572d ago

Cool...maybe we'll start seeing more now. I'm ready for it, aren't you?

Crazay3572d ago

I'm more than ready to see more. What I need is to see Henry Cavil in the new Superman suit because I'm not convinced he has the muscle mass to pull it off but hey - Look at what they did with Chris Hemsworth in Thor.

alycakes3572d ago

Yeah but he's built naturally....he looks pretty good on his own. Henry Cavil is going to need some help in that department.

Crazay3572d ago

Hemsworth is not built anything near what he looks like in Thor. He added at least 20lbs of raw lean muscle mass. 20lbs doesn;t sound like very much beut let me assure you - that is a HUGE gain.

alycakes3572d ago

But he did work for it. When he was interviewed on David Letterman he was still in his built stage. I mean he's not as skinny as his brother Chris. He'll look different, yes, if he looses that mass he built up but they didn't get Henry Cavil to do that....I wonder why?

Crazay3572d ago

I'm not sure if they have or haven't built Cavill up. I hope they did but don't expect he'll be too much bigger then he is already.