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The Daily Rotation - Friends with Benefits Review

Anthony of The Daily Rotation wrote, "In Friends with Benefits you meet Dylan who is being sought after by Jamie, who is a headhunter for hire by companies. Upon getting into New York City for an interview, Dylan meets up with Jamie. Her whole task is to get him to take the job that is on the table for him. After some convincing Dylan takes the job and then moves to New York. Once he starts to get comfortable with this job both him and Jamie start to get to know each other outside of work. They both realize that they are emotionally damaged so they want to try and avoid the Hollywood cliche of romantic comedies. By trying to avoid them they decide that being Friends with Benefitsb is the best way. They want to add sex to their friendship that they have been building. There is a catch though. This sex must be guilt free, emotion free and it can’t mean anything. It’s only sex. Of course, this doesn’t work and they find themselves in a bind when one starts feeling more emotions towards the other."

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cody2oo4054d ago

saw this movie I don't know how many months ago at a private screener, beat the crap outta No strings attached in my opinion.

stoofron4054d ago

I wouldn't say beat the crap out of it. It was entertaining to see Portman and Kutcher going at it. But I feel like Kunis and Timeberlake had a better on screen connection.

stoofron4054d ago

Saw it already, loved it. Beats No Strings Attached. Mila Kunis is the right person for this role, hands down.