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HorrorNews: Top 13 Finest Bruce Campbell Moments

It would be useless to try and rank Bruce Campbell’s films for two reasons: 1) There’d be whiners commenting about the merits of each of the Evil Dead films and why they should each be number one, and 2) You can’t quantify that much greatness. As such, even though I numbered them, this list is really in no particular order.

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alycakes4050d ago

I love this man! He makes me laugh even when he's being serious. He has a charisma about him. His movies are stupid but great but now his part as an ex FBI friend of Micheal Weston on Burn Notice is his best ever. I don't know what the show would do without him now.

Quagmire4050d ago

I thought Burn Notice got cancelled, is it still running?

alycakes4050d ago

Yes it's still on. The season premiere was on June 23rd. This is their 6th season I think. I love it and now they have their own graphic novel too.