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Jason Statham Eyed for Lead in Transformers 4

Transformers: Dark of the Moon is now considered a mammoth hit, and various Hollywood insiders guarantee a fourth film is in the pipeline. Leading man, Shia LaBeouf, is not coming back, though, with Sam Witwicky's storyline wrapped. And Michael Bay has also said that this is the final chapter in his personal Transformers trilogy. So where does that leave those robots-in-disguise?

Well, according to Tyrese Gibson, it's possible that executive producer Steven Spielberg will sign onto direct the next installment. And if we are to believe the rumblings this afternoon coming out of Hollywood, Jason Statham is being lined up as the franchise's next leading man.

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darklordzor4622d ago

I'm not buying it. Just because he's Rosie Huntington's boyfriend doesn't mean he's up for the next Transformers. I mean, don't they need to pick the new director first and then start casting with him? Wouldn't that make more sense? This is just blatant scuttlebut capitalizing on the recent release.

JL4622d ago

Not that I necessarily believe the rumor (I don't really), but I don't think they're saying that's the reason he's chosen (being Rosie's boyfriend). Rather they're just using that as a "this would be an added perk" kind of rationale.

Soldierone4622d ago

You gotta admit though, if something like that did happen it would be simply because of that. I mean if I was in Hollywood and my GF was in the biggest grossing movie of the year id be like "hey go ask Spielberg to put me in the next one please!"


ATiElite4618d ago a voice of one of the robots and hopefully not as a character. Besides Rosie will not be in T4 and in Hollywood Jason and Marie could be married and Divorced by the time a script is written.

Steven Spielberg....NO WAY! Super Big budget, space characters, big explosions, tons of CGI, Somebody get George Lucas on the phone ASAP!

alycakes4622d ago

It wouldn't be Transformer without Jason Statham! Who he's seeing has nothing to do with the parts he plays. He created the character so it just wouldn't be the same without him.

Cerberus294622d ago

I think you're thinking of The Transporter, not Transformers.

alycakes4622d ago

You're right...DUH!!!What's my name? Sometimes I get so ahead of myself.

meganick4622d ago

Maybe they could merge the two franchises. Statham has to transport someone/something and the Decepticons try to stop him while the Autobots help him to reach his destination. Could be epic.

Cerberus294622d ago

I don't think they should make a fourth one. I thought this last one was really good and a good ending point for the series.

TheEatingVodka4621d ago

Exactly.. It ended the franchise with a blast

r214621d ago

i kinda disagree. 1st one was great and then due to its huge success, a sequel was made....and that sucked.
so if they made a sequel to the 3rd successful film, the 4th will probably suck :L

i also kinda agree, cause it'd be awesome to see unicron and galvatron to appear Bay-ified :D and then a PROPER end to the whole Michael Bay Transformers universe.

Soldierone4622d ago

I'm interested in the idea of Spielberg taking over simply because that means we don't need to reboot the series and he will continue it. However I hope to god he isn't writing it. His latest movies have terrible endings....should we go back to War of the Worlds? Biggest fail in Sci-fi endings ever.

As for Statham not feeling it AT ALL. I like him, he is a good actor, but he is not suited for Transformers at all. Why would you want to twist the movie and make it aimed at adults? The nice thing about all 3 so far is they had comedy, family style events, and the big AAA Action.

For one, I dont think Speilberg will see the comedy. He will literally make it darker, and it will be basically War of the Worlds 2 with Transformers as enemies....Transformers 3 was as dark as it needed to be.

alycakes4622d ago

Yeah...I thought they were talking about Transporter not Transformers....He definitely isn't the right person for Transformers. There is no way he's do that is there?

Arcee4619d ago

Maybe they don't mean for him to star in the film as much as maybe just add to the cast... if the rumors are true. Maybe have him take over Josh Duhamel's role in the series leading a team that works with the Autobots in a military capacity. I could see him in that kind of role.

Bull5hifT4622d ago

they need to kill off this series and focus on BADBOYS 3 ,and new Action Packed Ideas

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