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Johnny Depp Close to Deal for Fifth 'Pirates' Movie

The Wrap says

Johnny Depp is close to signing a deal to star in a fifth “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie, an individual close to the negotiations told TheWrap.

In May, producer Jerry Bruckheimer said he was working on a fifth “Pirates” script -- and that he wouldn’t make the movie without Depp.

“Hopefully, if this one does well, (Depp) will want to come back and play the character again,” Bruckheimer told the L.A. Times. “But it’s going to depend on the screenplay. It always does. He’s maniacal about not wanting to disappoint his audience.”

alycakes4536d ago

I'm sure he'll close the deal but on his that means they will have to wait a while before they make the 5th one.

Soldierone4536d ago

I'm interested to see where they go with it. I'm sure Depp will sign some deal where he has the opportunity to do at least two or three major movies before he begins work on the 5th one.

If I was him, 6 would be my max. You know they will keep pushing and pushing, but don't get tied down to one role. After 6 just be like "let it die for a while, we will come back. If you don't like that idea, then find someone else" and the franchise will die on its own.

Quagmire4535d ago

I hope the next to films are on an epic scale so that it can end with a bang. OST was a bit too tame in comparison to DMC and AWE.

Character Development was a big letdown in OST for me also, Blackbeard came off as a joke of a Pirate instead of menacing like Davy Jones. Story was decent for what it was, but otherwise there were no epic set pieces or Massive CGI creatures or scenes like the previous two.

If I was the director of the next Pirates film, I would make the story a prequel, detailing the story of how Jack Sparrow got the Black Pearl from Davy Jones. That way we can continue the greater focus on Jack, have Davy Jones and Ol' beasty back, as well as a shit ton of action and adventure, whilst developing Jack as a character, and how he came to be.

alycakes4535d ago

I wouldn't make it a prequel....I would wait and make it like it happens 10 yrs later and make Will Turners son come join Jack Sparrow on an adventure. Maybe bring back Davy Jones and all the old gang...afterall there is such a thing as ghosts and magic with pirates so Will Turners son would be about 18 or 20. He was already 10 at the end of World's End.

Also need to get rid of Penelope Cruz and get Jack another female partner...I just didn't think they were that good a match.


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