More Photos from Prometheus Set Show Giger Design

Alien Prequel news says:

A few weeks ago a couple of images from the much anticipated Prometheus set were leaked on to the internet. The main reaction from the images was how the set design reveals how it's obviously connected with HR Giger's designs in the original Alien.

Today I can reveal a couple of more images that show more of the obvious Giger inspiration.

Notice in the second image below how massive the set is, the chair placed there to give a sense of actually how large that entrance is. And with the placement of a green screen at the end they are obviously using special effects to enhance this feeling.

It seem the second image is taken outside an entrance to a cave, which seems to be beyond the cave entrance we saw in the first set of photos. The first image looks like it's taken inside the cave.

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Crazay4060d ago

Can't wait to see this movie. I really hope we get a teaser this December.

Bull5hifT4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

Does this have anything to do with that KABLAAM sketch titled Promethious & BOB...i miss that show, was it Nickelodeon

BubbleSniper4059d ago

dude, Prometheus is one of my top 3, most anticipated movies right now. after reading the premise, I am balls-deep in interest to the absolute core.

Crazay4059d ago

It's going to be awesome to see Scott back in with this series.

BubbleSniper4059d ago

exactly what has me like a giddy school girl. +1

alycakes4059d ago

It is suppose to be pretty good so I hope it lives up to all the stories I've heard.