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Comedy Central To Roast Charlie Sheen

Deadline Writes:
Comedy Central To Roast Charlie Sheen, Will Air On Same Night Ashton Kutcher Debuts On 'Two And A Half Men'

Charlie Sheen has found his next TV gig ... sort of. The former Two and a Half Men star will be the guest of honor on The Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen, which the network said today will tape Sept. 10 in Los Angeles.

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Soldierone4057d ago

Wow haha, this should be extremely interesting to see. I'm sure ratings for both will be extremely high due to DVR's but its going to be make it or break it for both.

The funny thing is the CC Roast are usually for stars that are pretty much done...but Sheen could really pull away from it with another gig. Meanwhile people will be watching Ashton to see if Two and Half Men is worth tuning in anymore.

alycakes4057d ago

I don't know...but you're right about people watching one and taping another to watch at another time. That Charlie never stops though...I just thought that was so funny when I saw that.

Christopher4056d ago

I won't watch. I'm done giving him the attention he is craving after screwing over not only himself, but putting in jeopardy the jobs of the many people who rely on him for a paycheck.

squallheart4056d ago

Finally someone with sense. Everyone seems to be defending him blindly.