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Studio Bosses Discussing Sequels to X-Men: First Class

The Geek Files:
Since X-Men: First Class relaunched the franchise with a host of up-and-coming hot actors, the conversation among fans has centred on whether there will be further chapters in this new series.

Well, there is encouraging news emerging from 20th Century Fox. We've learned that the studio is "discussing sequels internally."

While there is not yet any formal announcement of a follow-up, it does show interest in continuing First Class rather than leaving it as a standalone origin tale.

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DarkBlood4057d ago

ok this is interesting looking forward to seeing the next wolverine film, hopfully the sequal to first class as i quite enjoyed that one and it will be interesting to see how the deadpool movie does hopfully we'll see a bit of how he got put back together ish

rustyspoon804057d ago

I think the Deadpool film will totally forget XO:Wolverine. What would be good though, would be if it started off at the end of XO:Wolverine, and then panned out to show the 'real' deadpool watching the film. Then kicked off from there.