Fassbender Out of Boyle's "Trance", Boyle Wants Firth and Johannson

When word came out in late June that James McAvoy had taken the lead in Danny Boyle's Trance it was widely assumed that McAvoy had replaced Michael Fassbender, who had previously been announced in the cast. That wasn't true - the two men were cast in different parts, with McAvoy as 'Simon' and Fassbender as 'Aiden' - but while McAvoy hadn't pushed Fassbender out or replaced him in any way there were continued rumblings that Fassbender had had to walk away from the project due to scheduling issues.

Here at Twitch we heard the 'Fassbender is out' news from a couple of reliable sources - and reported on it here - but the official word from the film's backers remained that Fassbender was in and all was well. Well, not only have we confirmed that Fassbender is definitely out but we also know who Boyle wants to replace him, along with one other significant cast addition.

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