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Could Adam West Make A Cameo In The Dark Knight Rises?

Are you one of the many, MANY fans who have been hoping for star of the original Batman television series Adam West, to make an appearance in Christopher Nolan's current Batman franchise? Well you just might be in luck. Recent reports from Twitter suggest that it might be a possibility. These reports/sightings have placed Adam West in the same vicinity of several current filming locations for The Dark Knight Rises.

Now be sure to note that these are just sightings of Adam West, no one (So far) has spotted the actor on set, or talking/meeting with anyone involved with filming. So for now it could be possible (and likely) that Mr. West is just on vacation in the same area that The Dark Knight Rises is filming. Although it certainly is quite the coincidence if we are to believe these sightings.

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LtSkittles4052d ago

This would be an awesome way to end the series.

JL4051d ago

Could be interesting. Does seem quite a coincidence that he would just happen to be in the same locations (if the tweets are true).

alycakes4051d ago

Sure why not....he's still around and not getting any younger so bring him on.

alycakes4051d ago

Awright! Now that's what I'm talking about!

Quagmire4051d ago

Heh heh, allllllriiiiight!

darklordzor4051d ago

I'd be totally down for that, though I wouldn't expect it to be anything huge or treated like a big deal. If anything I think it'd be about the same as the Stan Lee cameos. It's quick, it's noticeable, but doesn't distract from the story or anything.

Quagmire4051d ago

In the perfect world, he would have a 5 minute segment of just this:

Johnny Jiron4051d ago

Maybe this is what was meant by the Bat-Copter rumor from that other tweet.

darklordzor4050d ago

Ha! That would be great. If only....

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The story is too old to be commented.