'Bridesmaids' Passes 'Sex and the City' to Become Top R-Rated Female Comedy Ever

THR Writes:
Judd Apatow’s sleeper hit starring Kristen Wiig has earned $152.9 million domestically.

Universal’s sleeper hit Bridesmaids has become the top R-rated female comedy of all time, surpassing Sex and the City.

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Johnny Jiron4060d ago

Was a pretty damn funny movie. Much better than the Hangover, which for some reason it was being compared to.

alycakes4060d ago

I haven't seen it but this is one of those that I wait on the dvd for.

Johnny Jiron4060d ago

I normally wait for most comedies on DVD, but my girlfriend wanted me to pick something different. Figure I'd give this one a shot. Although I will get back to comedies on video only habit, I'll say this one was totally worth watching with an audience.