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Transformers 3 Destroys Box Office, Breaks Records

MovieStinger: "The biggest box office weekend of the year unfolded as expected, as Transformers: Dark of the Moon raked in $97.4 million domestically from Friday to Sunday, topping the $90.2 million domestic debut of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides earlier this year. Not only is the Transformers sequel’s three-day take the best opening weekend of 2011, but it’s also the biggest three-day total ever for the July 4th weekend."

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Soldierone4678d ago

Didn't like the new girl at all. In fact it was the only thing I absolutely hated about this film. You think Megan Fox "acting hot" in the past two was bad, then don't bother seeing this one. Her first friggin shot in the movie is of nothing but her ass...Would rather of had Megan Fox, the emotional impact her character would of brought would of made this film ten times more powerful since we all care about that character.

Overall it was the action flick I was expecting, and luckily she is hardly in the movie.

Anyone that loved Battle LA or wanted to know why I hated it so much...go see this movie. See what Bay does to the cities and how everyone reacts and does....something Battle LA failed on an epic scale to do.

alycakes4677d ago

I'm in agreement with you on the new girl but this is what bugged me. At least Megan Fox got in there and fought back. She wasn't this screaming blonde pretty girl wearing 5 inch heals running and crying out 'save me' all the time. I mean really....running around in that mess in 5 inch heals...give me a break!

Meagn kicked some ass when she was on the first two...that other girl needed to give them a hand.

Aside from that...the movie was okay...the plot was good and it gave it some closure just in case they didn't make another so I was okay with that part of it.


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