'Captain America' to Keep US Title in All But Three Countries

THR Writes:
Paramount and Marvel offered foreign countries the choice of two titles, 'Captain America' or 'First Avenger.'

Marvel Studios and Paramount's Captain America: The First Avenger will keep its US title in all but three countries: Russia, Ukraine and South Korea.

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alycakes4060d ago

This surprises me. I didn't know that was done anywhere. I was really shocked when I saw this article. I guess they must do this a lot then if a movie has the word America in it or they just don't show it at all in certain countries.

Johnny Jiron4060d ago

I wonder if he is ever referred to as Captain America in the movie and if that will be altered in those territories.

alycakes4060d ago

Good question....It would be interesting to find out about that.

Soldierone4060d ago

I find it so irritating that countries hate anything American...I mean you see Americans running around saying anything foreign is bad, but at the same time half of them didn't even finish high school. ugh lol It just bugs me cus its CAPTAIN AMERICA...don't like the name, don't get the icon, end of story.

And China...geez how are they still able to completely close off the entire world like that...I feel bad for people living there with so many restrictions and filters.

tplarkin74060d ago

The fear of freedom results in envy of the successful. That's why some countries hate America.

ezcex4060d ago

Where does it say China?

Soldierone4059d ago

Talks about China at the end. China won't allow Captain America since they have a law to only show like 20 or so foreign movies a year.

ezcex4059d ago

ahhhh. That's whack too.

alycakes4059d ago

That is so sad....Just think of all they are missing. I'm so thankful to be who I am and where I am.