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Entertainment Focus - Review: Holy Rollers

Sam Gold (Jesse Eisenberg – The Social Network) is an Orthodox Jew living in Brooklyn and working for his father. He is set to marry a local girl he likes very much and his life seems mapped out before him, which suits him just fine. That is until he starts hanging out with his best friend’s older brother Yosef Zimmerman (Justin Bartha – The Hangover Part II). Yosef has turned his back on the old ways and lives a very western way of life. At first Sam isn’t draw to the bright lights of his world but slowly he starts to get seduced and is fooled into trafficking drugs for a local Israeli drug cartel Yosef has ties to. But after the initial shock dies down, Sam realises that may just have found his true calling in life.

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Neocrisis: Holy Rollers Coming to DVD

Neocrisis: From the Jewish neighborhoods of Brooklyn to the nightclubs of Amsterdam, one young man discovers life outside of his strict religious family in the thrilling true story of an ecstasy pill trafficking ring, HOLY ROLLERS, landing on DVD October 19 from First Independent Pictures and Vivendi Entertainment.

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Suntimes: Holy Rollers Review

Roger Ebert from Suntimes: One function of any traditional religious costume is to enforce the wearer's separation from the greater community. Those male Hasidic Jews who choose to dress in black and wear distinctive hats never seem to be anything else than Hasidic Jews.

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CS Monitor: Holy Rollers Review

CS Monitor: “Holy Rollers” probably sounded like a good idea on paper, plus it’s “inspired by” a true story. Sam Gold, a Brooklyn Hasid training for the rabbinate, becomes a drug courier. How could such a high concept sink so low.

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