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Brad Pitt's Boys Cover Their Ears During Explosive Visit to Set of His New Film World War Z

Daily Mail says:

You'd have thought that with Hollywood stars for parents they would be used to the noisy comings and goings on a film set.
But Maddox and Pax Pitt had to put their fingers in their ears when visiting their father on set yesterday because the explosions were just too loud.

The little boys were snapped standing off camera as they visited dad Brad on the set of his new film World War Z.

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Johnny Jiron4051d ago

I really need to finish this book before the movie comes out. So glad this got off the ground tho.

alycakes4051d ago

I saw some clips of them filming on one of the entertainment shows the other day. It looks like they are really getting into the nitty gritty of making this movie.