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‘Falling Skies’ Review: Grace | TVoTV

The Voice Of TV: One of the major criticisms towards Falling Skies in its first two weeks is the lack of action. I have been able to handle the fact that there was a great deal of emphasis placed on dialogue thus far in the series. With “Grace” however, I can see why the criticism is there. The episode’s few and far between action sequences were entertaining, though they didn’t detract us from the fact that it was mostly an hour of talking. A live Skitter has been captured, a harnessed kid has been rescued, and methods are put underway to try to establish communication with our foreign enemies. Is Falling Skies beginning to fall from grace?

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alycakes4056d ago

Good episode...still hanging on...I just like Noah Wylie so I'll keep watching.

alycakes4052d ago

I can't believe they've already renewed this for a second season after just a few episodes.