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Sucker Punch Blu-Ray Review - WGTC

Sucker Punch is a film that has been called a number of things. Everything from misunderstood and brilliant to complete garbage and 2011′s worst film. Ultimately, it was a box office failure and it didn’t fare much better with critics either.

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Soldierone4054d ago

One line I absolutely love from this review "it’s a fierce and not so overt “fuck you” to Hollywood convention" HELL YES! More movies need to be like to in my honest opinion. Currently in film school and all 3 years ive been in it we have constantly been learning to "play by the book" and anything else is degraded and frowned upon. When we preview our movies, they are compared to the book and anything that doesn't follow the book means its bad. I HATE IT! Hollywood is constantly nagging about needing a spark, and the spark is simple....make something that doesn't follow their damn book. Audiences won't accept it right away (look at SuckerPunch) but who cares? They will adapt.

As for this Blu-ray, I finally checked it out today and its friggin awesome! The extended cut didn't fullfill that want I had after the edited theater version, but its still friggin awesome.

Sahil4054d ago

The guys who won the blu-ray on FW shud also put down their reviews :)