LRA: Transformers Dark of the Moon - Theatrical Review

LRA writes: Many claimed that Michael Bay raped their childhood with the first Transformers movie despite the mostly positive things said about it at the time. He delivered what just about anyone could hope for in a live action recreation of the old (and horribly dated) 1980's kids cartoon series. We had giant robots that could transform into all kinds of vehicles, intergalactic battles between good and evil and we even got some pretty decent action when it was all said and done. But he also gave us Sam (Shia LeBeouf) who many believed to be a re-imagining of Spike from the old television series, a human that worked along side the Autobots in their never ending struggle to stop the Decepticons. While many still hold true that the first film was a pretty fun popcorn flick, and I agree there were some neat moments, the Sam character and all the baggage that came with him was probably the worst part of that film but I don't think anyone truly understood how Michael Bay would use him to destroy the next two films. I understand the need to have a human character for the audience to relate to and it sort of worked with the boy and his car storyline but then the Bay went ahead and made Revenge of the Fallen.

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