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Jerry Bruckheimer Reacts to 'Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides' Passing $1 Billion

THR Writes: “This is such a beloved franchise, and Johnny Depp is such a huge worldwide star,” the producer tells THR of the accomplishment.

On Sunday, Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides hit the $1 billion mark at the worldwide box office to secure its place in movie history.

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Merivigian4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

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This like works though

SAE4054d ago

we love this movie , we are waiting for my brother to go out from prison to watch it together , we sweared we won't watch it until he go out , it makes me sad he get tortured for doing nothing T_T...

SAE4051d ago

what's wrong ?. he like the movie so we won't watch it till he get out ..

alycakes4054d ago

The fact that they have made this much money on this movie doesn't surprise me at all. I never had my doubts. I just want them to be smart about making the next one. They need to wait a while. If they make it too soon they will loose money. People won't find it as much fun and not be as ready to go see another one right away.

I hope they wait a couple of years at least.

Soldierone4053d ago

I liked it. Dunno why so many people are acting like critics these days. I do it because I am a film student and review movies for a website lol. The "complaints" I hear from some people are so dumb especially when they turn around and say they LOVED another movie with the same exact flaws.

However good timing on Disney's behalf...Transformers seems like its all good to reach the mark rather soon.

thehitman4053d ago

tbh i thought it was worse than the last 1s and that it had really really more cheesy moments that just didnt make sense more than usual. I think they beat the horse just a little much in the last movie and it couldve been much better.

JL4053d ago

I enjoyed it too. This comes as no real surprise I don't think. Especially after seeing those first week sales.

People really are too critical these days. It's like everybody is a critic and nobody knows how to just sit back and enjoy a movie for what it is and even tap into that childlike sense of wonderment. Rather they just look to criticize every technical bit.

Frankly, I'd much rather have a movie that's mediocre in technical departments but filled with fun and adventure (like this), than some movie that excels in technical areas but is, quite frankly, boring as hell (like The King's Speech, Tree of Life and 90% of your other "artsy"/Oscar-bait movies).