Total Film - Tom Hanks: Best Movie Roles

With Larry Crowne hitting cinemas this week, Total Film takes a look back at the best moments in Tom Hanks' inestimable acting career.

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alycakes4054d ago

Forest Gump will always be my favorite and then The Green Mile.

JL4053d ago

I have to agree, Forrest Gump should be number one. The Green Mile I wouldn't put at number two, though. It's a good movie, but it's rather standard fare Tom Hanks.

I don't mind these choices, but the ordering is all wrong. Like I said, Gump should be one. Personally, I think I'd have to put Cast Away at number two just for the skill he presented in that one. Then Toy Story at 3. Philadelphia at 4. And The Terminal at 5 maybe.

I'd have to rank Turner and Hooch higher as well. Possibly even The 'Burbs'. A League of Their Own definitely would go much higher. So much so, that I'd even consider giving it the fifth spot and putting The Terminal down to 6th. He was awesome in that movie.

alycakes4053d ago

Good choices on all but would you belive I never even saw The Terminal. That's about the only one though.