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IGN: 10 TV Shows We Wish Got Another Season

IGN: It happens every year: Several TV series get unceremoniously cancelled before the creators can give us a proper conclusion. Some of these shows end after just one season, while others manage to go several seasons before being yanked off the air.

Below, we list 10 shows whose early departure stung us particularly hard. We felt we'd limit the list to 10 because... frankly, we could go on and on.

alycakes4537d ago

I totally, 100% agree with Firefly and Terminator, Sarah Connor Chronicles and even Terriers (that was turning out to be such a cool show). Firefly deserved better. They didn't even show the 14 episodes they had made....I think they cancelled after the 10th or 11th episode. It deserved to have about 4 more seasons.

Yi-Long4537d ago (Edited 4537d ago )

... one of my favourite shows of all-time. Just absolutely brilliant in every department. Ian McShane is amazing, as is most of the rest of the cast.

I have to add Batman the Animated Series/Gotham Knights. Pretty much the PERFECT showcase for Batman. It's so sad they ended, especially considering not one of the shows that followed from WB ever had the same quality.

alycakes4537d ago

I never got to see Deadwood but I heard it was great...don't have cable movie channels...also I know how talented Ian McShane is so I can just imagine how good it was. Some day I'll get the season sets and watch them.

reznik_zerosum4537d ago

guy,guys omg really dont forget Riget by Lars Von Trier from Denmark,2 seasons 8 episodes,third season planed but 3 main actors died so they cancelled s03.Riget is best series ever !go and watch if u didnt.Forget S.K version !

OSIRUSSS4537d ago

This article isn't correct. David Milch didn't want to do another season of Deadwood. So he could focus on "John From Cincinnati" That show flopped. But I agree with most of these. I wish Reaper got one more season I loved that show. Also Surface and Angel too

NovusTerminus4537d ago

Eleventh Hour, and more than anything else... Dead Like Me

JL4537d ago

I never watched a single one of these.

One that did recently get cancelled that I wish they wouldn't have cancelled (and still not sure why they did): Lie To Me. Loved that show. Tim Roth was awesome in it.

alycakes4536d ago

Agree with you on that one.....but you never watched any of the ones on this list? Not even the recent one Terriers? I'm so surprised!

JL4536d ago

Nope. None of these. My TV watching is usually just comedy stuff with only a few exceptions. Beyond that I just watch a ton of movies.

Johnny Jiron4536d ago

Firefly for sure. I'd have also wanted more Spaced, however that team carried on the chemistry into the movies just as well.

alycakes4535d ago

You've got that was the chemistry of the cast that always got to me.


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