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The Daily Rotation - Conan O'Brien: Can't Stop Review

Sean of The Daily Rotation wrote, "
Yet again, Conan O’Brien takes comedy to a place its rarely been before. After his highly publicized ordeal with NBC, who handed the reigns of The Tonight Show over to him after the announcement five years previously. It was generally understood, and planned, so that at this time Jay Leno could retire and go back to his car collection. However, not wanting to lose, up to that point, the most popular Tonight Show host, they had a brilliant idea: Invent a new show, and put Jay on that. It aired before the local news, and then after the news, came the new, revamped Tonight Show starring Conan O’Brien, who started the show in epic fashion, running from New York to Los Angeles to start his new show. This represented a new area for Conan, who had a strong, loyal following at the 12:35 am Late Night Show spot, The Tonight Show being his ultimate goal during the entire course of his career."

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alycakes4060d ago

I like Conan alright but I never watched him when he was on NBC because he came on at the same time as Craig Ferguson and I prefer Ferguson. Now I can watch both sometimes since they are on at different times. It still depends on who's on their show. I still like to listen to their monologues even if their guests aren't good.

Yi-Long4060d ago

... I just don't like his delivery, his timing, or whatever it is. I just don't think he's funny.

I much prefer Colbert and Letterman.

alycakes4060d ago

Out of all of them Ferguson is still my favorite...I don't know what it is but he's just a little weird and silly and I like that he's a little more down to earth.

Soldierone4059d ago

Conan is honestly the only late night show host Ill watch anymore. I did my absolute best to give Fallon my chance, as i love him as an actor, but his show isn't funny or amuzing to me. Goerge Lopez is just lame now....mexican joke after mexican joke. I never got into Fergusin at all, dunno why.

As for Letterman and Leno....they are just boring to me. Their crowd is much more older people. I actually never even turn the channel to NBC anymore since Conan left lol.

Now as for this movie ive been dying to see it, but none of the theaters near me will show the day it comes out on DVD/Blu-ray im picking it up.