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‘Transformers 3′ Action Sequence Recycled From ‘The Island’

Slashfilm: "Say what you will about Michael Bay, but he is a filmmaker who knows how to maximize the bang for the buck. He is often critisized for using too much product placement, which gives him millions of dollars more to play with than he would have otherwise had access to. In a film like The Island it is annoying and distracting, and in a film like Transformers: Dark of the Moon, its much less noticeable."

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JL4061d ago

Eh, that title makes it sound more "controversial" than it really is. This is no different than using stock footage I don't think. especially when you're talking about a multi-car wreck like that that I'm sure costs tons of money to do.

Crazyglues4059d ago

Yeah this is just some clever recycling... LoL

-(and who says you can't use that crash scene more then once, you show them Micheal bay) Whatever it cost to smash that car he just saved the movie studio the price of having to smash that car all over again...

Lord_Sloth4059d ago

Didn't notice that until after I posted and didn't care enough to edit so now I'll just say that he's a lazy ass director.

jwalkerz4060d ago

i read somewhere that stuntwomen had a really bad accident, so they had to replace the scene she was doing

Rusco874059d ago

I'm sorry, but the car scene from the island is taken from bad boys 2 car scene the. That is used in transformers 3. Bay is good for repeating and astroids. That's it. He's a 90's director in a modern age. It shocks me that directors like this still get jobs because he had two hit films and people that's are amazing struggle sometimes. Just as bad as ronald emmerich

Kurylo3d4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

maybe its cause most people find his films entertaining. Case in point, all of his movies make tons of money.. its not like hes a one hit wonder. Not like any of his movies have failed... ever..

Dont get me wrong.. the 2nd transformers was garbage story wise, but it still had entertainment value.

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The story is too old to be commented.